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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

Amazing driving roads, great cars, fantastic points of interests, convienient accommodation and of course the company of like-minded petrolheads!

Organised by an experienced team with critical local knowledge and a never ending thirst for amazing roads!

It's an experience of a lifetime, join us today!

Is it a race, time trial or a guided tour?

None of the above! If our events were to be classified as anything they would be classified as road trips, or convoys.

As such all of the relevant highway and local laws apply. There is no reason to speed, take risks or drive anti-socially.

Our routes are designed in such a way that there is plenty of time to drive safely and enjoy the trip to it's fullest.

What cars take part?

We have a wide range of cars that take part, from classics through to supercars.

All cars are welcome and the mix of vehicles makes our events more diverse and interesting.

Looking for something different or flying in for an event? Why not use a rental car? It doesn't mean you're restricted to small hatchbacks, you can rent supercars too!

Is it difficult to do?

No. We've pretty much taken care of everything for you.

Follow our simple instructions and you'll do just fine!

Throughout our events you will be accomplanied by an experienced support crew too.

Pre-programmed navigation systems will keep you on track and two-way radios will keep you in the loop!

What's the accommodation like?

We hand pick all of our accommodation along our routes to ensure maximum convenience.

Our selected hotels offer secure parking and provide you with a full breakfast and fantastic coffee every morning before we head out for another amazing day.

What happens in the evenings?

Once you've settled in to our final destination for the day, everyone meets up at selected venues for great food, drinks and of course the company!

It's a perfect time to share your stories, dish out some banter and have a great night out with your new found friends.