Frequently Asked Questions

When is the rally on?

All event dates and locations are detailed on each individual event page under the section "Registration Fees & Event Dates"

How much does it cost?

Registration fees vary from event to event. All fees are detailed on the event pages under the section "Registration Fees & Event Dates"

What's included?

Included is the rally information pack, sponsorship information pack, vinyl decals, t-shirts, lanyards, wristbands, accommodation and of course the planning and organisation of the registered event. Some of our events will include other items and benefits, these will be detailed on the event pages.

When do I need to register by?

Registration closes 4 weeks prior to all rallies, but places are limited and it's strictly on a first come first served basis. With that said, we expect to fill all places before we close registration... So it's best to get in early!

How much time do I need to prepare?

Not much! Some people think they need to plan months in advance, that's crazy. You can sort out crossings, breakdown cover, insurance etc. in a day. Also don't over-pack, you really only need the basics. We're not going in to the desert for weeks on end, every day you will find yourself finishing up in the heart of a buzzing city.

Where am I going to sleep?

Our events are inclusive of hotel accommodation or on some events camping. Details of your accommodation arrangements will be given at the registration point during the event.

Is it a race or a time trial?

No, it's not a race or a time trial. Our events are held on public roads and are governed by the local laws. Our routes are planned in such a way that there is no need to speed.

Is this a guided tour?

No, it's not. You are provided with a rally information pack with route details including maps to be used in conjunction with our pre-programmed GPS devices. Every morning we have a briefing at the hotel before setting off in convoy. We also suggest points of interest and meeting points along the route. The rally is very flexible, allowing teams to choose points of interests to visit, re-run road sections and stop for photos & videos etc.

Is it going to be hard?

No, driving through Europe is pretty easy, the roads are well maintained, the miles are reasonable and there will be plenty of support from us and others to help you along the way... On the other hand, if you’re driving something very heavy that you’ll end up pushing… Then yes, it will be hard!

What type of vehicle can I take part in?

You can take part in any car, van or motorcycle... As long as it's road legal. It can be your pride and joy, daily driver or even a hire car!

Do I need to modify my vehicle?

It's not necessary for you to modify your vehicle, we use public roads which are well maintained. Any standard vehicle will be able to take part. Although you are more than welcome to make modifications if you so wish! If you decide to modify your vehicle, it must remain road legal. We do advise that you service your brakes including a fluid change to prevent brake fade. Groved discs and performance pads would be beneficial, we advise against drilled discs.

What do I need to bring?

Less than most people think! The bare minimum we suggest is your vehicle, clothes, passport, documents, money, mobile and a good map of Europe and/or a Satnav. We would also recommend taking a small tool kit, Gaffa tape, cable/zip ties, JB KwikWeld, and some WD-40 for mechanical bodging!

What documentation do I need?

You'll need your vehicle registration document or counterpart, MOT certificate, insurance certificate with all drivers detailed, driving licence and your passports with any visas (only needed if you're not an EU citizen).

What about ferry crossings?

We secure discounts for registered teams to cross the channel using P&O or DFDS.

Who should I use for vehicle insurance?

If your existing insurance policy doesn't cover you, we recommend using Herts Insurance Company. They are very competitively priced and have a tailored policy for our events.

What if my vehicle breaks down?

We recommend taking out European Breakdown Cover, even if you are mechanically minded with every tool on the market. Sometimes it’s not about what you know and your ability to carry out the repairs, it’s usually the availability and cost of parts in Europe… Let alone the language barriers! A good European Breakdown Policy will assist you with the repair or repatriation of your vehicle and provide you with a hire car to enable you to continue your journey. Some of our events will include European Breakdown Cover as standard.

How about sponsorship and raising money for charity?

Our rallies provide excellent opportunities for you to secure sponsorship and raise money and awareness for many deserving charities. We provide all registered teams with a Sponsorship Pack providing templates, advice and tips on how to go about it.

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