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By submitting this registration you hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following document carefully. If you do not understand any aspect within this document please contact us for clarification. These terms and conditions are legally binding.


We, Us, Our, Company, TGR and TGRC refers to The Great Rally Company of Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX.


Our events are not guided tours, time trials, races, or competitive motor sports. They take place on public highways and are governed by the relevant laws.

TGRC reserves the right to alter or change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


Any team members driving must hold a current and valid driving licence.

All team members require valid passports with any visas necessary to travel to the countries detailed within the itinerary.

You are required to have your vehicle documentation with you during the event. This includes the vehicle registration document (or counterpart), a valid MOT Test Certificate (or equivalent) and a Certificate of Motor Insurance (or equivalent).

You are required to have adequate travel insurance and a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which is available from the NHS for free.

You are solely responsible for your documentation.


Your vehicle must be road worthy with a valid MOT Test Certificate (or equivalent), Vehicle Excise Duty/Tax Disc (or equivalent) and a Certificate of Motor Insurance (or equivalent).

You are required by law to have the following equipment when driving within Europe; Disposable Breathalysers, Warning Triangle, High Visibility Jacket, First Aid Kit, Headlight Beam Converters and GB stickers if necessary.

We advise that you have adequate breakdown and recovery cover for your vehicle. TGRC accepts no responsibility for the repair or recovery of your vehicle regardless of circumstance. In cases whereas European Breakdown cover is explicitly offered terms and conditions will apply and only vehicles under the age of 10 years will be covered. This will allow your vehicle to be recovered from the roadside to a place of repair only.

We advise that you have your vehicle professionally inspected prior to the registered event and any mechanical work deemed necessary is carried out in full.

We advise that you have a tool kit and spare tyre on board your vehicle at all times.

Any decals/signage/displays applied to your vehicle other than those provided by us must be pre-approved 4 weeks before the start of the event. We reserve the right to reject participation of any vehicle if approval was not granted without refund.


Although the rally information pack includes maps and route details, you are required to use your own maps and/or satellite navigation in conjunction with the rally information pack.

Where a pre-programmed GPS device is explicitly offered, you will be provided with a loan device. This device will have the route pre-prgrammed as per our itinerary by means of LAT/LONG waypoints, this is to be used as guidance in conjunction with the Rally Information Pack. To power the device you will need an available 12v accessory port, the device charger and windscreen mount is provided.


During the registered event we will communicate with all teams via SMS sent to the registered mobile phone number provided. You will be required to have your mobile phone with you at all times. Although it is usually free to receive our messages, we are not responsible for any costs incurred while using your mobile phone during the registered event.

We recommend that you turn data roaming off to avoid unnecessary data costs (not required to receive SMS).

We provide you with 24/7 telephone support during the event which all calls are recorded and monitored, this is a UK Local number which is dynamically routed to our support team on the event.

Photography and Video

Participation in the event will denote consent to be photographed and included in any video footage. We do not guarentee photography or video footage.

You hereby grant TGRC permission to utilise and exploit your appearance in any and all manner and media throughout the world in perpetuity.

You further agree that we have the sole discretion as to whether any footage in which you appear is actually used by us, and that if we do use such footage it may be edited at our sole discretion.

You consent to the use of your name, likeness, voice and biographical material about you in connection with footage, publicity and related institutional promotional purposes.

You expressly release The Great Rally, its owners, agents, employees, licensees and assigns from and against any and all claims which you have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action arising out of production, distribution, broadcast or exhibition of footage.

All photographs and footage arising from our events and all copyright in those photographs and footage will remain the property of The Great Rally.


TGRC are only liable for the provision of the rally information pack, sponsorship information pack, vinyl decals, t-shirts, lanyards and wristbands associated with the registered event.

The sponsorship information pack are immediately available via the members area once your on-line registration is complete. The rally information pack will be available for download 4 weeks prior to the event (2 weeks for UK events). A hard copy and all other tangible items listed above are provided at the registration point, unless otherwise stated.

We are not liable for your food, drink, accommodation, vehicle, tolls, fuel, parking fees, fines, travel costs, insurances, breakdown recovery and/or any other expenses you may incur (unless explicitly offered within the event package).

It may be necessary to alter the itinerary of the registered event, in which case we are not liable for any additional costs as a result of these changes.

We do not accept responsibility or liability for the consequences of you being refused passage and/or entry/exit to or from any country during the course of the registered event.

TGRC explicitly decline liability in the event of an accident, theft or fire and/or breach of any laws. We will fully co-operate with the local authorities when required.

Registration Fees

All registration fees are in British Pounds (GBP), payments are processed by PayPal and will show on your statement as "TGR".

At the time of registration, if you decide to make a deposit payment only you will be invoiced automatically on a monthly basis to clear any outstanding balances. Overdue invoices may incur a late payment fee of £25 per invoice. If the account remains overdue for a period of 60 days we reserve the right to cancel your registration without refund.

All outstanding balances must be cleared 12 weeks before the registered event begins. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the event and any outstanding balances will remain payable in full.

All registrations are strictly on a first come, first served basis and places are limited. We reserve the right to reject your registration and a full refund will be issued under these circumstances.

The registration fee includes event participation, the rally information pack, a sponsorship information pack, vinyl vehicle decals, t-shirts, lanyards, and wristbands associated with the registered event. It also includes any promotional items that may be provided to you by our sponsors.

The registration fee does not include food, drink, accommodation, vehicles, fuel, travel costs, insurances, breakdown recovery and/or any other expenses you may incur unless explicitly offered.

The registration fee is non-refundable unless the cancellation request falls within 7 working days of registration.

Any discount or referral codes must be entered at the point of registration and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Discount and referral codes are not to be publicly shared unless explicitly authorised by us otherwise they may be withdrawn from use. For authorisation please contact us via e-mail.

If your payment, either in full or deposit, is not made upon registration or within 14 working days of registration, any discount will be withdrawn and the full registration fee reinstated.

We reserve the right to withdraw any discount/referral code from use without notice at any time if we deem it necessary.

Teams made up of odd numbers (eg. 3, 5, 7...) may incur a single person suppliment which will be invoiced separately. This will be an additional 40% of the individual's registration fee.


You may cancel your registration and receive a full refund within 14 working days from the date of registration. Cancellations must be made in writing via e-mail. Once 14 working days has passed all payments made to TGRC are non-refundable and any outstanding balances remain payable as per our terms and conditions.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the registered event, providing you have notified us within 8 weeks prior to the registered event taking place you may transfer your registration to one of our other events or transfer to another party able to take part. Any outstanding balances must be cleared and cost differences (if any) met.

We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled event if we deem it necessary. All payments made to TGRC will be refunded in full within 60 days of notice or where possible an alternative date/event offered.

In the extremely unlikely event of a natural disaster, flood, fire, other “Acts of God”, strike, protest, riot, war, terrorism, widespread epidemic/pandemic or any other circumstances outside of our control, the company will not be responsible for any refunds. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your travel insurance to ensure you are covered.

We are not liable for any other costs that you may incur other than the payments made to The Great Rally.


When accommodation is explicitly offered with an event, we will book the accommodation with a 3rd party on your behalf. You will be solely responsible for checking in and out, damages and any additional costs such as, but not limited to, food, drink, telephone, TV etc.

You may be required to leave your passport(s) and debit/credit card information as a form of a security deposit when checking in. This is to be expected when staying in hotels across Europe.

If there is a problem with your accommodation arising from our initial booking which is deemed to be our fault, we will endeavour to provide you with alternate accommodation as soon as possible of a similar standard.

We cannot be held responsible if the problem arises due to or contributed by anything outside of our control such as, but not limited to, late arrival, failure to check in, lost documentation etc. We endeavour to help you find alternative accommodation however any costs will be your responsibility. We strongly advise having adequate travel insurance.

All hotel accommodation will be of a minimum standard equal to 3 star or greater. Rooms are either double/twin, triple or quadruple depending on team size. You will not share rooms with anyone other than those in your team.

Any issues with your accommodation and/or level of service should be immediately brought to our attention and taken up with the hotel directly.

For camping, you will be required to have your own camping equipment, the camp sites provide you with a camping pitch for one tent per team. Facilities on site are of a good standard. Campsites may be located outside of the cities/towns we visit.

With all accommodation, car parking fees/limitations may apply unless explicitly offered as part of the event's package.